Advisory Council waits for results of meeting between political powers and SCAF

The Advisory Council postponed a Monday meeting after a meeting between political powers and Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Thursday. The meeting aims to explore ways of ending the Constituent Assembly problem. Some members of the Advisory Council are also currently out of the country.

Council member Sameh Ashour said the council waits for the decisions made based on the discussions over the Constituent Assembly between the military council and political powers.

“We have not yet decided which representatives of political powers will attend our next meeting,” Ashour said.

Secretary general of the advisory council, Osama Borhan, said meeting participants will discuss suggestions the council has made to the SCAF regarding the formation of the Constituent Assembly. The council would request that the military council issue a one-article constitutional declaration containing these standards.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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