‘Adly Mansour’ wins award for 2022’s best transport project in the world

The Egyptian Transport Ministry announced that the Adly Mansour central interchange giant station project won the award for the best transport project in the world for 2022, according to Engineering News – Record magazine.

The magazine is specialized in engineering and major construction projects in the world. This award is given to the best projects and the most impactful on the ground and their positive contribution to society and the environment.

The Transport Ministry said, in a statement on Saturday, that the Adly Mansour station project was implemented through the Arab Contractors Company, one of the Egyptian national specialized companies under the supervision of the Ministry, represented by the National Authority for Tunnels.

The station is considered a unique engineering feat, as it was built on an area of 15 acres, and contains five different means of transportation, it added.

The station, the first and second phases of the Light Electric Rail (LRT) project were inaugurated on July 3, to provide the highest level of services to passengers, in implementation of the political leadership’s directives to expand the establishment of green, sustainable and environmentally friendly mass transportation.


The largest hub in the middle east

The Adly Mansour Transportation Hub is the largest in the Middle East. It is designed as a central interchange station that includes an integrated service transportation complex, and a commercial investment area.

The service at the station exchanges between five different means of transport, including a metro station for the third line of subway, an electric train station (Adly Mansour – the New Administrative Capital – the 10th of Ramadan), a railway station (Cairo / Suez), a superjet station, and a station for the shuttle bus to connect with Cairo International Airport.

The project is part of the fourth phase of the third metro line, which starts from Nozha Station 1 at the Gesr al-Suez area, then Hisham Barakat station, passing through Quba station, then Omar Ibn Al-Khattab station, then the Huckstep station, all the way to Adly Mansour station, all of which are overhead stations with a total length of approximately 7.5 km.

The Adly Mansour station represents the end of the third line of the metro, and includes three different stations: a metro, an electrified train and a shuttle bus, which the National Authority for Tunnels plans to implement and run to connect Adly Mansour station with Cairo Airport directly in one trip without stops.


Made by Egyptian hands

The most important achievement of the Adly Mansour station is that for the first time in the history of metro projects, a station has been fully implemented by Egyptian hands through national Egyptian companies.

The Adly Mansour metro station will be the beginning of the stations of the electric train project (Al-Salam – the New Administrative Capital – 10th of Ramadan City), which is currently being implemented.

The station includes the third line workshop for the metro on an area of 65 acres, and is the largest workshop in the Middle East and Africa for maintenance Metro trains and heavy pilgrimages.

Its pilot operation and the influx of passengers to use the electric light rail (LRT) began at Adly Mansour, the first station of the project following its inauguration.

The cost of the LRT electric light rail project “Adly Mansour – the New Administrative Capital – 10th of Ramadan” is approximately $2.2 billion, after extending the route of the line to reach 90 km instead of 68 km as three stations were added in the New Administrative Capital and a station in the 10th of Ramadan City.

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