Activists referred to Misdemeanor Court

Central Cairo Prosecution Attorney General Wael Shebl referred activists Ahmed Douma, and April 6 Movement leaders Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher to Abdeen Misdemeanor Court on Thursday on charges of assaulting security, using force, damaging public and private properties and injuring security personnel in charge of securing the court.
On Wednesday, Shebl had earlier denied news circulated in media over decision referring the activists to misdemeanor or criminal court.
He said that the lawsuit was still being pending investigations and prosecution was still hearing testimonies. He added that no decision was issued by then and that the judge was going to reconsider on Thursday renewing detention of activists Maher and Douma, who were held pending investigations.
Clashes took place Saturday during the interrogation of activists detained in earlier clashes outside shura council.
Protesters took to the streets last week in front of the Shura Council to reject proposed constitutional articles maitaining military trials of civilians.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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