Activists to make blacklist of alleged State Security torturers

Egyptian activists are preparing a blacklist of officers from the dissolved State Security apparatus who were allegedly involved in torturing detainees to push for their trials.

Gamal Eid, head of The Arab Network for Human Rights Information, said a website is currently being created to document crimes of torture committed against Egyptians. The website will include personal profiles of the accused officers and their alleged crimes.

At a forum held at the Journalists Syndicate, Eid said the documentation of the crimes is a step toward bringing the accused officers to trial and making the crimes known.

Mohamed Abdel Qoddous, an official from the syndicate's freedom committee, called for the list of corrupt officers to be quickly prepared to expose the crimes the officers are accused of committing against Islamist prisoners.

He added that the revolution is ignoring  the Islamists who have been tortured during the past three decades.

Members from the Islamic Jihad and Jama'a al-Islamiya movements who participated in the event said they and their family members were abused by State Security.

Some of the participants said that some of the prisoners were assassinated, and some suffered from hallucinations as a result of brutal torture.

Alaa Sheta, an Islamic Jihad leader, said security forces tortured his parents and him by depriving him of water and food for five years.

Sheta also said security forces used to strip him of his clothes for many days in the winter. They used to beat prisoners, harass them and sodomize them with wooden sticks, he said.

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