Activists form another association for change

Some 158 activists, including judges, lawyers, artists and members of political parties, have established a new political association called the Patriotic Front.

The association–separate from the National Association for Change formed by Mohamed ElBaradei, potential contender in next year’s presidential elections–calls for a new constitution to be drafted during a transitional stage during which a national unity government would be in power.

This step should be preceded by amendment of Articles 76, 77 and 88 of the Constitution to open up candidacy in the presidential elections to all Egyptians and to combat the "plot" to bequeath power from the president to his son.

In its establishing statement, the front also called for limiting the presidency to two terms, restoring judicial supervision of elections, and forming an independent committee to administer the elections.

"We have been secretly working on forming the association during the past few months," said media personality Hamdi Kandil. "Now is the time to declare it."

Kandil also declared the Patriotic Front’s support for ElBaradei’s National Association for Change, saying they would join together in their efforts to bring about change.

"I call on all political forces to support our demands," said Kandil.

Signatories to the groups articles of association include Mahmoud el-Khodeiry, former president of the Alexandria Judges Club; Yehia el-Gamal and Tariq el-Beshry, legal experts; and representatives from the Wafd, Tagammu, Nasserist Democratic Front, Ghad, Karama, and el-Wassat parties.

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