Activists call for mass protest to denounce military attacks on protesters

Activists on the "Second Friday of Anger " Facebook page called for a massive protest in Tahrir Square next Friday 12 August to denounce military assaults on protesters.

Military forces and Central Security forcibly cleared Tahrir Square on 1 August, just before this Ramadan's first iftar, to end to a sit-in ongoing since 8 July. Dozens of activists and relatives of the revolution's martyrs were arrested.

Activists published a statement condemning the use of force against activists and protesters.

The statement said protesters decided to suspend demonstrations during Ramadan, but after the attack they called upon all Egyptians to take to streets to demand an end to the use of excessive force against protesters, adding that Egypt did not end an era of tyranny to start an era of violence and insults. 

"Egyptian people are a red line and assaulting them is unacceptable," the statement said, adding that people have the right to protest.

Other activists launched a page on Facebook calling for a protest on the 10th day of Ramadan (10 August), to remind the armed forces that their role is to protect people and not assault them. The 10th day of Ramadan is a national holiday that commemorates Egypt's victory in 1973 war against Israel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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