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A political solution to Libya must be wholly Libyan, says Egypt’s General Intelligence chief

Egypt’s Chief General Intelligence Officer (GIS) Abass Kamel on Sunday stressed that any political solution to Libya must be entirely Libyan with zero foreign intervention.

He added that the Libyan parties must settle all disagreements between them.

His remarks came during the beginning of a three-day negotiation round Egypt is hosting between Libya’s House of Representatives and Constitutional Authority under the auspices of the United Nations.

Kamel also called for the drafting of a constitution identifying all powers and responsibilities so that Libyan officials can be properly held accountable – especially those who direct the country’s resources into supporting terrorists.

The meeting’s goal is to formulate a constitutional rule agreed upon by Libyans as a mandatory requirement for organizing elections and moving the political process forward.

Kamel stressed that he fully believes that a political settlement is the only solution towards a unified, stable Libyan state.

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, earlier in October praised the role Egypt has played in the success of Libyan negotiations held at the city of Hurghada in the Red Sea governorate.

The talks centered on Libya’s military and the push for peace in the region.

In Bouznika, the second round of Libyan dialogue sessions continued between the delegations of the High Council of State Council headed by Fawz al-Aqqar, and the House of Representatives headed by Youssef al-Akouri.

The talks focused on methods for selecting candidates to assume sovereign positions in Libya.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also met with the head of the Presidential Council of Libya’s Government of National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, to discuss Libya’s new government.