465,000 fatwas issued in Egypt this year

Dar al-Ifta, the state body mandated with issuing religious edicts, issued an annual report stating the body issued 465,000 fatwas (religious edicts_ in 2010.

The report also said the grand mufti received 127 death penalties to endorse. The Egyptian Constitution stipulates the mufti’s endorsement before capital punishment is carried out in cases of murder, rape and drugs. The mufti is still considering whether to endorse some of the cases.

The edicts pertained to modern day issues, such as a widow’s in vitro fertilization, fetal gender determination, abortions, artificial heart valves made of pig tissue, and real estate loan interests.

According to the report, 2316 edicts were issued in writing; 88,133 verbally; 255,058 over the phone to people calling in to ask about certain issues; 113,468 posted on the Internet; and 5346 in response to requests from abroad.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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