4 suicides in Egypt on Saturday

Four people committed suicide on Saturday. Three threw themselves from balconies, while the fourth hung himself at home. Citizens and security services were able to rescue two others attempting suicide.

Magdi Wadeei Mansour, 40, a hotel manager, threw himself from a fourth floor in Cairo. Investigations revealed he was suffering a psychological disorder and had attempted suicide two years ago by taking drugs.

Another one, Mohamed Fathy al-Sayyed, also jumped from a ten-story building where he lived in Marg. Preliminary investigations indicated that he had undergone two years of treatment for psychological disturbance.

In Alexandria, Abdullah Haroun, 19, threw himself from the ninth floor of a hotel in Mansheyya, Alexandria. His family said during investigations that they came from the city of Salloum to Alexandria to get Abduallah treatment for a psychological disorder.

Another man, Islam Gamal Mohamed, an 18-year-old student, hung himself in his house in the area of Wardiyan, purportedly due to his mother's complaints that he returned home late.

In Masr al-Qadeema in Cairo, water police and fishermen rescued a Cairo University faculty member from suicide after he threw himself from the Abbas bridge. Another man, 48, set himself on fire after a dispute with his sister in the Haram district.

The Interior Ministry mentioned that all the deceased had a history of psychological disorders.

Analysts say recent acts of self-immolation in Egypt seem to be driven by complaints similar to those that mobilized Tunisians and toppled President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali last week. However, there is no sign of momentum yet toward a broader uprising that could overwhelm Egypt's vast security apparatus.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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