36 Morsy loyalists detained ahead of EMPC investigations

Prosecutors in 6 October City have arrested 36 supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy for their alleged role in Friday violence outside Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC).

The suspects will be detained for 15 days pending investigation into clashes between Morsy loyalists and security forces late Friday.

Violence erupted when pro-Morsy marchers attempted to set up a new camp outside the media building, where a number of privately-owned satellite channels known for their scathing opposition to Morsy's presidency are based.

Morsy supporters have continued a wave of sit-ins and marches after the army toppled the former president early last month following massive demonstrations against his rule.

Prosecutors earlier accused the demonstrators arrested near the EMPC of forming a gangster group, assaulting government facilities to carry out terrorist acts, attempted murder of police officers, possession of arms and ammunition, arson and sabotage.

The Health Ministry had announced 23 were wounded during the clashes.

Judicial sources said videos from nearby security cameras are being studied to identify other suspects allegedly involved.

Investigations led by prosecution chief, Ahmed Abul Magd, said that nearly 3,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were involved in the incident, adding that most of them denied accusations and claimed to be watching clashes nearby.

Only two of the suspects admitted firing weapons at security forces.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm



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