307 fugitives arrested in Red Sea governorate

Police in the Red Sea governorate, headed by Police Colonel Muhammad Abd al-Azem, arrested 307 fugitives on Monday.

The officers apprehended fugitives including Obayed. A, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for beating a person to death, Hamada. M, who was sentenced to six years in jail as well as a fine of LE 50,000 for a drug crime, and Hashem.T, who was sentenced to three years in prison with a fine of LE 10,000 for a drug crime.

The police officers also arrested 59 fugitives, who have been sent to partial imprisonment in misdemeanor cases, as well as 20 fugitives who have been sent to jail, who can appeal their sentence, for misdemeanor cases. Another 10 fugitives, were imprisoned in misdemeanor cases and given fines, while a further 90 fugitives were imprisoned in misdemeanor cases for legal violations.


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