30 terrorists killed, 173 arrested in north, middle Sinai within week: Army statement

The Egyptian Armed Forces said on Wednesday that 30 Takfiris, 4 of them are top dangerous, have been killed in a week as part of the comprehensive operation to counter terrorism in Sinai Peninsula.

A statement issued by the Armed Forces on Monday said that 173 suspects have been arrested during the last week of Sinai 2018 operation. It added that hundreds of shelters and hideouts of terrorists have been destructed.

The statement said that the airstrikes over the northeastern strategic direction have destructed 3 hideouts, and over the western strategic direction have destroyed 10 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition.

The armed forces also seized 8 automatic guns, 3 explosive devices, and food stuff.

The military engineers also found and detonated 74 explosive devices that were planted to target the armed forces during their raids in the areas of operations.

The Armed Forces also destroyed 26 vehicles for terrorist elements and 25 motorcycles without plates during the combing and raiding operations.

The Armed Forces also destroyed 437 shelters and storehouses containing a food stuff, military clothes and ammunition.

As a result of the operations, 3 officers were killed and a non-commissioned officer and a soldier were wounded during the clashes.


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