3 tourists, one Egyptian injured in Hurgada traffic accident

Two Russians, one Kenyan, and an Egyptian suffered injuries following a collision between a tourist bus and a private car near the city of Hurghada, Red Sea.

The victims suffered breaks and bruises and were carried to a Hurghada hospital. Police authorities are investigating the accident.

The injured include Kastan Natki, 16, and Lotiv Savoc, 29, both Russians, along with a Kenyan named Yursi Savian, 18, and Egyptian driver of the car Said Mohamed Mohamed, 30.

Traffic accidents are the second greatest cause of death in Egypt. The average daily rate of traffic deaths stands at 30 victims, according to experts. A recently released government report revealed 18 Egyptians daily died on average during 2009.

Bad road conditions, traffic law violations and intoxicated drivers are blamed for the rising rate of traffic deaths.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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