24 former NDP members win elections

Twenty-four former National Democratic Party (NDP) members won the parliamentary elections in the For the Love of Egypt alliance lists in Upper Egypt and west Delta. 
The former NDP members who won the elections in Upper Egypt included: Major General Saad al-Gammal,  who has been head of the Arab Affairs Committee of the Parliaments of 2005 and 2010, Mai al-Batran, daughter of former NDP leader Mohamed al-Batran, Alaa Sbaiei, a former member of parliament for the NDP in Minya, Magdy Bayoumy, former NDP MP in Beni Suef, Sahar al-Hawary, former NDP candidate in Fayoum in 2010, Hamdy Saad, former NDP candidate in Assiut in 2010, Gamal Aqaby, former NDP leader, Gebaly al-Maraghy, former NDP leader and labor leader, Abla al-Hawary, former NDP MP in the 2010 Shura Council, Sahar Sedqy, former NDP leader in Qena, Hesham Sheiny, former NDP MP in Qena, Faisal Abdel Rahman, former NDP leader in Luxor, Olfat Kamel, former NDP member in Giza and wife of businessman Nabil De'bes, Sherif Fakhry, former NDP member in Minya and Al-Sayyed Mahmoud, former NDP leader.
In west Delta, former NDP members who won the elections included: businessman and former NDP MP Farag Amer, Sahar Talaat Mostafa, niece of former NDP leader Talaat Mostafa, Saadawy Ragheb, former NDP MP in the Shura Council, Suzy Nashed, former NDP MP in the Shura Council, Amal Zakarya, former NDP leader, Hesham Omara, former NDP MP in Beheira, businessman Ahmed al-Segainy and Major General and former NDP MP Yehya al-Esawy Dawoud.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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