18 million more Egyptians to benefit from social insurance

The Ministry of Finance will expand the scope of social insurance to include an additional 18 million citizens and their families. The new beneficiaries are employees of the agricultural sector, fishermen, craftsmen, miners, brokers, and street vendors.

The step will increase the percentage of citizens with social insurance to 75% of the total population. These measures will be activated through the new social insurance law, which is currently in the early stages of preparation.

Egypt’s Finance Minister, Youssef Botrous Ghali, said that the new measure will help combat the poverty and displacement leveled upon families who lose their breadwinner. Ghali noted that the recipients will enjoy new facilitated rules of enlisting, enabling them to evade the dangers that face laborers in their careers, such as injuries, disability, senility, or death.

The finance minister said that three funds will be devoted to serve different categories, noting that each will be financed by employers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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