1,070 Anglican churches submitted for legalization: committee

The Anglican Church’s representative in the committee for the legalization of churches, Youssef Talaat, said on Tuesday that the number of files submitted for legalization of Anglican churches and all Egyptian churches reached 1,070 and 5,000 files, respectively.

During a phone call with “Raai Aam” TV program on TeN channel, Talaat added that the files contained the titles to lands or documents that prove the legalization of conditions of lands if the churches would be established on state lands, and certificates from consultant engineers on the building validity.

Talaat pointed out that the government would form a committee to inspect the churches and prepare reports on their building conditions.

The committee for the legalization of churches on Tuesday approved the legalization of 156 churches and affiliated service buildings, including one church and five service buildings on Warraq Island.

The number of churches and buildings that have been approved since the committee began work so far are 783 churches and service buildings.

The committee was set up by Law No. 80 of 2016 to organize the construction and restoration of churches in accordance with certain conditions.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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