102 policemen stage strike to support ‘wrongly disciplined’ colleagues

One-hundred and two traffic police personnel have started an open-ended work and hunger strike against the disciplining of seven of their colleagues. The seven people have been transferred to the Alexandria Security Directorate.
Police officer Saeed Mahmoud Heiba, one of the detainees, attempted suicide with a knife and was subsequently transported to the hospital. His colleagues said he had been working for 24 years at the traffic department and had never been disciplined.
The demonstrators are protesting outside the Damanur police station on the Alexandria agricultural road, chanting against the director of the General Directorate of Traffic, Saeed Taameya, and holding banners that read: "No to injustice." 
The strike is unacceptable, an Interior Ministry official said upon anonymity, as the seven police personnel were being punished for their lack of attendance during the month of Ramadan.
The Ministry will have to adopt some strict measures against the strikers, as well as others who called for the demonstrations, the official added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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