1 killed, 8 injured as buildings collapse north of Cairo

One person was killed and eight others injured after two adjacent buildings collapsed on Monday in Daqahlia Governorate.

Security sources said civil defense teams retrieved the body of one person who was killed in the incident. Three passers-by were injured, as well as a young girl.

When ambulances and fire engines arrived at the buildings, located in the Aqbein neighborhood, residents had already rescued two victims buried under the debris who suffered from mild injuries.

Aqbein is an impoverished area inhabited mostly by fishermen, eyewitnesses said. They added that there are several dilapidated buildings in the neighborhood.

Daqahlia Governor Mohsen Hefzy decided to evacuate four buildings near the accident site, ordering the formation of a panel of architects to investigate the reasons behind the collapse and inspect nearby houses.

Hefzy also ordered a count of the victims so that compensation could be paid.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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